NYSERDA Approves Bright Harvest as Shading Analysis Tool for NY-Sun Initiative

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has validated Bright Harvest’s Remote Solar Design report as an approved method to analyze shading for the NY-Sun Incentive Program. NYSERDA’s validation study compared Bright Harvest’s remote shading analysis to on-site measurements recorded with the Solmetric SunEye and concluded that Bright Harvest reports can now be used for their incentive program.

Bright Harvest’s remote shading analysis is now one of four methods with which installers may apply for NY-Sun solar incentives. Installers in New York can use our reports to save on soft-costs while obtaining accurate, reliable data. We offer our remote design service all over the U.S., including the entire state of New York. Click here to discover all the benefits of Bright Harvest reports by ordering a layout today.